Sharing His story: Part 3

We are going to examine a miracle that was done in the name of Jesus. But before we get there, I want you to look at the following six photos with your family and decide the following:

How long do you think you could survive without these things?

Okay, now that you have done that, consider this question:

Have you ever said that you “needed” one of these things, when in fact, you only “wanted” it?

The primary difference between “want” and “need” is whether you can survive without it. Sometimes we can confuse the two, especially if we are feeling sad or upset. Today, we are going to see a man in great need, but what he asked for wasn’t what he received. In fact, he received something far greater than he could ever have expected. It wasn’t what he wanted; it was what he really needed.

Today’s Bible Passage: Acts 3:1-10

Activity: Paper, pencils, YouTube (optional)

As a Family, Read Acts 3:1-3

We are told that Peter and John, two of Jesus’ disciples, were going to the temple to pray at 3:00pm in the afternoon, which was when a daily sacrifice was offered at the temple. There was a crippled man who had been carried to the Beautiful Gate (a gate near the temple), where he would beg. That location made sense because the people going in and out of the temple tended to be quite generous, so this man would at least receive what he needed to survive each day. We learn later that this man was, in fact, over the age of 40 (Acts 4:22), so this had been his way of life for a very long time.

Take a moment and discuss the idea that if you were this crippled man and had been begging throughout your whole life, how would you feel?

Open your Bible and continue reading: Acts 3:4-7

A number of incredible things happen here. First, we see that Peter wanted the man to look at him and John. This meant that instead of simply giving something to him but otherwise ignoring him, Peter and John were going to take some time to be with him. Then, expecting something from them (v.5), the man gave his full attention to Peter and John; but what he receives is not the money he was expecting.

Peter, knowing that he does not have money for the man, recognizes he has something far better; faith in Jesus Christ. And so, in the name of Jesus, Peter tells this man to walk. As Peter takes him by the hand, the man stands up and is miraculously healed.

For the man, two incredible things are going on here. The first is very easily seen; the man is healed. But the second is the more important thing. By taking Peter’s hand and standing, we see that this man had faith in Jesus. We are actually told this later (Acts 3:16), but in that moment, as he heard the name of Jesus and that he should stand, this man, who had just asked for money, believed and was healed.

This reminds us that Jesus’ name is the most powerful of names and that faith in Him can do more than anything and everything in the world. Take a moment and consider; what comes to mind when you hear the name of Jesus? When you pray, do you remember to pray in the name of Jesus, as Peter did?

Now as a family, read Acts 3:8-10

Notice how the man responded? He joined with Peter and John by going to the temple, all the while praising God for what He had done. As well, many people saw and recognized the man, and they were also amazed at what had happened.

How does this apply to us?

- When we help others, we do it not for ourselves but to glorify God, just as Peter did by declaring that it was in the name of Jesus that this man was healed

- We must have the faith to believe that God will give us what we need, just as the man believed in Jesus, and took Peter’s hand

- We must remember to give thanks to God, for He is the Provider of all that we need, and all that we have, just as the man immediately went into the temple to praise God.

So, as a family, take some time and consider; do you need anything? If no, then give God thanks for giving you what you need. If yes, then have you asked God in prayer for what you need?

An important question: I have prayed for something in the name of Jesus. Why didn’t I receive it?

There can be a number of reasons why we do not receive what we pray for. Sometimes it is because it is not yet time (consider that this man was over 40 when he was healed). Sometimes, going through a tough time or not receiving what we asked for, reminds us that what we truly need is God, and not just the things that God provides. At other times, it may be because we ask with the wrong motives (such as confusing needs with wants). If it is for selfish reasons, God will not give it to us. (James 4:3)

Activity supplies needed: Paper and pencils, Youtube (optional)

Remember, we will all go through challenges. But if we keep our faith in God, we will be reminded that He will see us through them all. So, for today, I want you to draw two pictures of the man being healed. Draw the first one normally on a piece of paper. Draw the second one, not using your hand, but your foot!

If you haven’t done this before, it might be very tough - but try! This link below is to a Youtube video by The Dad Lab and there you can see a kid trying the same thing.

So, as we continue to look at His Story, remember: what we need is God; who we work for is God; and with God, all things are possible.

Have a blessed day!

Pastor Greg

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