Sharing His story: Part 2

As we continue to have to worship apart, I have an important question for you and your family to reflect on.

What does “church” mean to you? When you think of the word "church" what comes to mind?

While we often think of the building as being the Church, but in actual fact, the "Church" is the people. It doesn't matter how nice and large the building is, if it is empty. We will see in this lesson that how church people interact with each other can have a huge impact on the rest of the world.

HPBC Building – Not actually the Church (but the building)

The people of HPBC – That’s the Church!

Today’s Bible Passage: Acts 2:42-47

Activity supplies needed: Paper and pencils, 1 envelope, 1 stamp

As a family, open your Bible and read Acts 2:42-47

Verse 42 describes the early Church as doing four things:

1. Being devoted to (committed to/living out) the apostles teaching

2. Fellowship (spending time together)

3. Breaking of bread (eating meals together)

4. Prayer

Since we cannot gather together right now, discuss as a family something that you miss about attending church. (Coffee time? Singing songs together? A particular person or people? Sunday school? etc.)

We also see that during this time, the Lord performed wonders and miraculous signs through the apostles, the people were filled with awe (amazement) and everything people had, they shared with each other. (v.43-45)

A Good Question: Do miracles still happen today? Why don’t we hear about them like we do in the Bible?

Yes, miracles do happen today. One of the important things to remember is that although we are reading just few short verses, those verses are summarizing a longer period of time. Also, the most important part of miracles is that it isn’t about us, but it is about God. By that, I mean that miracles are designed to bring glory to God, so if it is all about showing off, or entertainment, we are not going to see real miracles.

Remember, God is doing amazing things all the time! He often answers our prayers, but sometimes we neglect to thank Him for those amazing answers. One way to ensure we do this correctly is to keep a prayer journal, where we write down our prayer requests, and also record the answers to those prayers, when they come. That way, you can look back and see all the ways in which God carried you through difficult times and provided for you. God is doing great things all the time; we just need to keep an eye out for them and praise Him!

In verse 46 we see an incredible thing. Not only were the first Christians meeting in the temple courts, they also met together in their homes. While we are very used to the church gathering in a building, we should remember that in lots of places and for a long time, Christians met in each other’s homes.

As a result of meeting, sharing and spending time together in the love and name of Jesus, we read in verse 47 that people were becoming the Church!

While it is strange to think about, during this time, one of the best ways we are actually showing love to each other is by staying away from each other, to avoid spreading the virus. But, don’t lose heart! You can always write letters, make phone calls, video chat and pray for each other. So, let’s practice it!

Activity: Write a letter

Supplies needed: Paper, pencils, envelope and stamp

Today, I want you to consider writing a letter to someone you care about. Not typing a letter, but actually writing one. Take some time and think about who you want to write a letter to, and maybe even draw a picture to enclose; or make a card and then send it to them in the mail. While we are so used to sending emails, there is something special about actually doing something by hand for someone and sending them a piece of mail.

Song to learn:

There is a great Christian song called “I am a C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N”.

Boombox Kids has done a modern version of that song and I have included the link here. Learn it together, as it is a great way to remember who we are and what we have in Christ! Simply click on the image below to hear our song.

Have a blessed week!

Pastor Greg

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