Jesus and Prayer part 3 - Meeting our Physical Needs

In part 1, we focused on the Lord’s Prayer. One line of that prayer says,

Give us today our daily bread. (Matt 6:11)

Today, we are going to focus on some of the needs we all have.

Now, we might often say we “need” something, but is it always true?

Before we continue, discuss as a family, what is the difference between a “need” and a “want"?

Bible Passage: Matthew 14:13-21

Items you will need for the activity:

A square piece of paper (any colour)

Access to Youtube

Now read Matthew 14:13-14 together as a family

The first thing we see is that Jesus was planning to take some time to be by Himself. Jesus often took time to be away from the crowds in order to spend time alone with God. I hope that, while we are being told to socially distance ourselves to keep people safe, we are not distancing ourselves from God. Remember, you do not need to go to a special place to be with God. He is everywhere! But, like Jesus, it can be important for us to make sure we are not distracted when we are praying. Our full attention should be on God when we pray.

The second thing we see is that people were so eager to see Jesus, that they did not let Him be alone. A crowd from different towns gathered to meet Him. Instead of sending them away, we read that Jesus had compassion on the crowds and healed those that were sick.

Now read Matthew 14:15-17 together as a family

We see that it was late in the day and these people would need to eat. After all, food is a need that we all have! But, instead of sending them away, Jesus tells the disciples to feed them. All the disciples could come up with is five loaves and two fish. In John’s account of the Gospel, we read that it was in fact supplied by a boy, who had brought the food with him. (John 6:9)

Did you ever wonder what the loaves and fish looked like? This was not a large loaf of bread that you buy in the grocery store, but more like a small dinner roll. And the fish were not huge, but rather small, pickled fish that would be easy to carry around. These five loaves and two fish? That was the boy’s lunch!

Loaves and fish

Not This loaf:

But more like this:

(These are actually dumplings, but just think about the size)

Not this fish:

But more like this:

As things are changing a lot right now, there are many people who are struggling to figure out how they are going to do certain things, and they are worried that they may not have what they need. But, don’t worry! God provides for what we need.

As a family, take a moment to discuss if you are having any worries and then pray about them, asking God for help. Take a moment to pray for others who may be struggling as well.

Now, read Matthew 14:18-21 together as a family

What did Jesus do? He gave thanks to God (prayer) and then we see that a lot of people were fed, as the bread and fish were passed around. Not just the boy, but we read that 5,000 adult men were fed, not including women and children. Scholars think that more than 10,000 people were fed at this event and we also read that there was even food left over!

A good question, “What did Jesus say when He gave thanks?”

We don’t know for sure what Jesus said when He gave thanks. Tradition suggests that He said this typical Jewish prayer: “Blessed art thou, O Lord our God, King of the universe, who bringest forth bread from the earth” But, regardless of whether He said these words or not, the message is clear: God meets our needs!

Whether we have a lot or a little, we must remember that God gave us what we have, and that He meets all of our needs. This lesson reminds us that when we think we do not have enough, if we have faith in God and trust Him with all that we have, we will find that we always have more than we need!

Origami Fish Activity:

All you need is a square piece of paper to make an origami fish. I have included links to 2 YouTube videos, so that you can attempt an easy or hard version. (or make both!)


YouTube: Click here for the link.


YouTube: Click here for the link.

Have a blessed day!

Pastor Greg

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