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Mother's Day Hampers 2021 

Every year HPBC Missions Committee prepares Mother's Day Hampers for Philip Aziz Centre (terminally ill mothers) and Emily's House (mothers with terminally ill children) to show them God's love. This year we received words of thanks as response from them that you can see below.

"HERON PARK BAPTIST CHURCH – Thank you for your Impact on Mother's Day 2021


This annual tradition brings so much joy to our moms and families, and to our volunteers who are mobilized to distribute gifts on Mother’s Day. Thank you to HERON PARK BAPTIST CHURCH for donating 40 gift bags for our hospice clients who are mothers, and mothers of our child clients.  Thanks also to all our in-house volunteers who surprised these moms by making safe home deliveries of 40 gift bags. Below are the messages from our mothers who received the gift bags.


One mom wrote, "I received lovely gifts from Emily’s House. I would like to say thank you very much for the surprise Mother’s Day gifts. That was great! Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there! Stay safe everyone!  Lots of love!"

Another mom wrote, "I just received a call from a volunteer about a Mother’s Day gift pack.  I have to say I was surprised. I was not expecting it. … Just want to say thanks to the organization and the wonderful staff of Phillip Aziz Centre for all that are doing for mothers and children. They are God sent for such a time like this.  You put a smile on my face!"

Third mom wrote, "This is to convey my sincere gratitude for the special gift bag I received to celebrate Mother’s Day. I just want to let you know that I found it more than just a bag with gifts. It ended up being a lesson on the essence of love. When I opened it, I could discern the passion, love, and caring that was involved in the selection of the contents of the bag. I was amazed, and I appreciate.

Thank you for the dainty devotionals, for the chocolate, the water bottle, the precious nail file, and everything contained in the bag. It contained essential items, those I value but would never think of buying.  Thank you for filling the gap, and making me smile. I’m sure the feeling is the same as from other women who received the same items.

The lesson I got felt from you is to be mindful, and to pour my love and care whenever I share gifts with people, even when I am not physically on the spot. When I opened the bag, I felt some warmth and love coming from it, before I even went through the contents. I truly felt like it was talking to me, and it did indirectly talk to me.

May God continue to bless you mightily as you spread His love through your giving. I will aim to do the same.""

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