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Monthly Prayer Update

Please take time this month to join us:

  • Pray for mothers in our congregation, our community and nation, around the world and especially in places such as Sudan, Ukraine, and Gaza where they and their families are at risk.

  • Pray for the terminally ill mothers and children of Emily’s House and the Phillip Aziz Centre. Pray also for the Toronto City Mission barbeque in June.

  • Give thanks for the Mission Committee Mothers’ Day brunch and for those who made it happen.

  • Pray for our Pastors and our Trustees, that they will be able to continue to minister to us as we go through a time of renovation, and for all who are helping to prepare the church for services during our renovations. Pray that we will have successful and worshipful services while the work progresses.

  • Pray for the people who live in our community that they will see the start of the construction and will be curious about it and visit our church.

  • Pray that our Pastors will have safe travel and successful meetings with the Baptist General Conference in Alberta at the end of May, and for the Baptist General Conference Celebration 2024: “For Such a Life as This.”

  • Pray for the Men’s ministry, the Women of Faith, and the Young Adults group as they build and strengthen our congregation. Pray also for our Sunday School children, for our Jr. High youth and all the teachers/leaders.

  • Give thanks for the wonderful turnout of 29 youth for the Bridletown DOXA event. Pray for the youth who will attend the next DOXA gathering and the celebration in St. Catherines. 

  • Pray for all our Sunday hospitality volunteers. Give thanks for their faithfulness, and for the time they give and the food they supply.

  • Pray for the Gathering Place as they celebrate seven years of welcoming our community. Pray for the volunteers and leaders.

  • Pray for the churches and the people of the Ukraine as the war with Russia surpasses two years.

  • Pray for peace in Israel, the Gaza Strip and West Bank. Pray that God will intervene in both and protect the innocent whose lives have been devastated.

  • Pray for David: prayer for God’s hand in the world: also for Haiti, and for Rommel, Ana Julia and Milady in Nicaragua.

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