Food Bank

St. Stephen's Presbyterian Church is looking for volunteers to help out with their food bank on Wednesdays. 


1. Day and time frame: Wednesdays from 11 AM - 4 PM (Weekly July - August)

2. Job duties:

·  Prepare food hampers for over 100 families

·  Help set up and tear down the food bank (tables and tents)

·  Due to COVID-19, the food bank is taken place outside

·  Be able to carry boxes up and down stairs (~20 lbs) from storage to outside

·  Food Bank will be taken place indoor and outdoors (rain or shine)

3. Safety precautions put in place

·  Masks and gloves are required to be worn the whole duration

·  If you do not have any, the food bank will provide.

·  Practice social distancing from one another


For anyone that is interested please email

Weekly Attendance for September 13th:   9:30 Service - 57    11:30 Service - 34

Current Capacity in the Sanctuary is 60 people - over flow rooms are available.

Heron Park Baptist Church - Sunday Worship at 9:30 & 11:30 -  4260 Lawrence Ave. E. Toronto Ontario, Canada - (416) 284-1741